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Popular Music from the era of the great composers, songwriters and singers, that gave us the rich legacy of The American Songbook.

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American Pop

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Les Elgart

Pick Yourself Up

Great Sound

Thu, 1/25/18 - 5:00 pm Album | Track


Question Mark

Cabaret Manana

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:59 pm Album | Track

Nat 'King' Cole

What Is There to Say?

After Midnight

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:56 pm Album | Track

Patty Andrews

I Can Dream Can't I?

Best of the Andrews Sisters

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:54 pm Album | Track

Peggy Lee

Why Don't You Do Right?

Best of the Big Bands

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:51 pm Album | Track

Mel Torme

What Is This Thing Called Love?

Mel Torme Collection

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:48 pm Album | Track

Ella Fitzgerald

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Ella Sings Gershwin

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:44 pm Album | Track

Jayne Manning

Isn't It a Pity?

Sophisticated Lady

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:40 pm Album | Track

Jayne Manning

How Did He Look?

Sophisticated Lady

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:33 pm Album | Track

Huxtable, Christensen, and Hood

How About Me?

Melancholy Babies

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:31 pm Album | Track

Judy Garland

How About You?

Decca Masters

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:28 pm Album | Track

Candace Bellamy

Skies are Grey

In My Lane

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:23 pm Album | Track

Chris Connor

Why Shouldn't I

Lullabies of Birdland

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:18 pm Album | Track

Frank SInatra

Where are You?

Where Are You?

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:15 pm Album | Track

Billie Holiday

Why Was I Born?

Billie Holiday Story

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:12 pm Album | Track

Lonnie Donegan & His Skuffle Group

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)

Singles Collection

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:07 pm Album | Track

Louis Jordan

What's the Use Of Gettin' Sober ( When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)?

Let the Good Times Roll

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:05 pm Album | Track

Tom Jones

What's New, Pussycat?

Greatest Hits

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:03 pm Album | Track

Dave Apollon


Mandolin Virtuoso

Thu, 1/18/18 - 5:00 pm Album | Track

Benny Goodman

Sing Sing Sing

Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert

Thu, 1/11/18 - 5:48 pm Album | Track


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