KOOP's New 2017-2018 Schedule

KOOP's New 2017-2018 Schedule

Wednesday 3/1, 1:30pm

KOOP Radio's 2017-2018 season is in full swing as of June 1, so be sure to check the KOOP Radio schedule for changes!

New shows include the following:
Foreign Flow with Jo (Mon 10am - 11am)
People's Republic of Austin (Tue 2pm - 2:30pm)
The Community Pilot Show (Tue 2:30pm - 3pm)
Alternative Radio (Tue 7pm - 8pm)
Small Cool World (Thu 4:30pm - 6pm) 
DPX Hi Test (Fri 7pm - 8pm)


Other KOOP favorites that have changed times include:
Guitar Picks (Now on Mon 9am - 10am)
A Blues Groove (Now on Sun 9am - 10am)
Love on the Dole (Now on Sun 4:30pm - 5:30pm)
Diamonds & Iron (Now on Mon 7pm - 8pm)
Volumes (Now on Wed 2:30pm - 3pm)
Czech Melody Time (Now on Wed 7pm - 8pm)

Many thanks to the following departing shows (and their programmers):
Beats Of Burden
Rancho Allegre
Elk Mating Show
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