KOOP 2018-2019 Program Schedule

KOOP 2018-2019 Program Schedule

Saturday 1/6, 1:00am

KOOP's new season begins on June 1, so be sure to check the schedule for any timeslot switches and some exciting new additions to the weekly lineup:

Red River Stomp: A borderless, blues-based romp across the byways of American music.  w/ Dave Barber (Sundays, 9am to 10am)

Instrumentality: History of musical instruments and key musical contributions of their respective artists.  w/ Eric Hungate (Monday, 7pm to 8pm; Internet only)

Civil Rights and Wrongs: The state of your civil liberties in the Lone Star State.  w/ Bob Dailey et al. (Tuesdays, 8pm to 8:30pm; Internet only)

This Way Out: Syndicated LGBTQ programming originating in L.A, in its 30th year. (Syndicated) (Tuesdays, 8:30pm to 9pm; Internet only)

Theme Music: A different musical theme per episode, spanning eras, styles, subjects, and locales. w/ Amy Frishkey (Wednesdays, 9pm to 10pm. Internet only)

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