Boots on the Air

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Boots on the Air

Saturday 2/11, 11:30am

Summary: On the second Monday of each month during 2017 (unless pre-empted), Reflections of Community Outreach will produce and present Boots On The Air … news and public affairs programs for and about veterans, especially those in Austin and central Texas. The series co-hosts are Michael A. Brown, Greg Ciotti, April Sullivan, and Perry Jefferies.

Monday, July 10 show: hosted by Michael A. Brown, Greg Ciotti, and Perry Jefferies

Topic: Veterans Organizations Then and Now. We discussed who has joined over many years, who stays, the differences between the groups, and how participants view the current state of veterans and military matters.

Veterans’ news reported by Michael A. Brown

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

    Guest: Allison Jaslow, Executive Director

    Contact/Info: 978-289-2376;   Haley Scott [email protected]

Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Guest: Paul Theobald, Commander

    Contact info: Paul Theobald ([email protected])

If you have topic and/or guest suggestions, please get in touch with Michael A. Brown, Greg Ciotti, or April Sullivan at KOOP Radio. Thank you for listening and for supporting our military veterans!


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