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A week-by-week chronological history of 1960s British popular music--pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, folk, starting the week of 1/1/1960.

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Bangers & Mush

Artist Title Album Play timesort ascending

Marty Wilde

Bad Boy

The Full Marty

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:20 pm Album | Track

Ted Heath

Amor, AMor

Ted Heath Goes Latin

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:16 pm Album | Track

Tommy Steele

Little White Bull

The Decca Years 1956-63

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:13 pm Album | Track

Cliff Richard

Trav'lin' Light

The Singles Collection

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:10 pm Album | Track

The Avons

Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat

Greatest Hits of 1960, Vol. 2

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:08 pm Album | Track

Adam Faith

What Do You Want?

Complete Faith

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:06 pm Album | Track

Emile Ford

On a Slow Boat to China

Counting Teardrops

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:04 pm Album | Track

Ted Heath

Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

Ted Heath Goes Latin

Fri, 10/30/15 - 12:02 pm Album | Track